Meditation Monday No. 8 – A Visualization for a Good Reputation

I refuse to accept the aristocracy of any being in this world, other than the aristocracy of the spirit.

Neville Goddard

No matter who we are, most of us want to be admired by others. We spend a great deal of time and effort running after accomplishments, chasing after beauty, reaching for goal after goal. Some of us are successful at this, checking off endless lists, climbing ever higher on the ladder of societal esteem. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach, except that it leaves out one crucial element:

Reaching for esteem in one’s outer world is to forget the built-in, divine being that lives within you and IS you. That is, your own human imagination. That is the aristocracy of your own divine spirit.

In order to be appreciated and admired in your life, you must first get into the feeling of already being worthy of admiration. You can start by recognizing every little good thing you’ve done, by naming off every good thing about yourself.

That being done, identify something that you would like to be known and appreciated for. This can be anything at all, like crossing the finish line at a marathon or receiving honors for work performance.

Then, for this visualization exercise, you’ll imagine that at the moment you received recognition for whatever it is you’ve identified, you had your photo taken. You will take that photograph, in a frame, and hang it on a wall in your imagination. Then you will spend some time “remembering when” this event occurred.

Remembering When is a wonderful technique for manifesting most anything. When you “remember” something as if it has already happened, you stop reaching out for some elusive future. What you imagine is in the “past” already does exist, just like any other memory.

Try it, and see how well it works! This can be a lot of fun, which is always what it should be.



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