Meditation Monday No. 10 – Imagining Good Grades for a Child

We are here on Earth as in a great schoolroom. We were not sent here to be punished, but to learn to become creators like our Father…See the world as you would like to see it.

Neville Goddard
That Which Already Has Been
October 6, 1959

It’s no secret that school kids nowadays are having a really hard time. Between the super early mornings and standardized testing, to inadequate nutrition in school lunches, it’s a wonder any child makes it through a single school day, let alone an entire school year! These challenges are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s clear that vast reformation needs to occur in our school systems, not just for the kids, but to benefit society as a whole. Meanwhile, Neville has left us with some amazing techniques to help each of us imagine that better system, taking just one child at a time and using our beautiful imagination to imagine a better experience for each individual child. I believe the more of us do this, the sooner we’ll see positive change occur in large numbers.

Today’s meditation will enable you to visualize just one child you care about deeply, and see them in a positive state in which they are enjoying their accomplishments in school. Whether this is your own child, a student, a grandchild, or even a sister or brother, it works just as well.


You’ll need to establish first a room you’ll invite this child into, and you’ll need to choose a comfortable imaginary chair. The child you’re imagining will be entering your space through an open doorway. Choose that door ahead of time to make visualization easier. The child will want to share a piece of paper with you. showing improved grades from what they have before. Showing all A’s is great, but choose whatever marks for the child that you know would make them happy receive. The important thing here is that the child should be experiencing joy with the school experience.

I would love to hear about your successes, and I’m open to any questions you might have. So feel free to comment on this video, or on the blog post.



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