Meditation Monday No. 1

Revising a Negative Event in a Relationship

The world is yourself pushed out. Ask yourself what you want and then give it to yourself! Do not question how it will come about; just go your way knowing that the evidence of what you have done must appear, and it will.

Neville Goddard

It happens to the best of us in all types of relationships — husband/wife, parent/child, siblings, coworkers, and so on. We go along thinking we’re getting along fine, but suddenly an argument breaks out, damaging the relationship. Or, maybe we’ve been bickering for a long time, barely tolerating each other, and an event occurs that causes a huge rift that seems irreparable. Whatever the case may be, right now when thinking about the relationship, all we can think about is that one fight, that slammed door, the hurtful words that were spoken. Things look dreary indeed.

So for this Monday Meditation, I created a visualization using Revision, where you go back to the scene of the negative event in a relationship, and replay it the way it ought to have been. After using this technique a few times, you might be surprised out how quickly your relationship with this person will improve. Don’t worry about how this will happen. Just trust that when you see a situation in your imagination the way it should be, things will fall into place in divine timing to reflect that vision. That’s what makes revision such a powerful technique: The more you use revision, the less you need to.

I’ll be creating more visualizations like this to be posted every Monday. Have fun, and let me know when you see results!

Much Love,


Revision for a Negative Event in Relationship (event that happened in person)

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