The Pruning Shears of Revision

“I firmly believe that if you will wisely and daily use the pruning shears of revision that you will find there is no objective beyond your ability to realize. And I mean that seriously, no objective beyond your ability to realize.”

Neville Goddard

Of all the techniques you can employ to consciously create your life, creative visualization is the most powerful. Whatever you can envision while in an Alpha or Theta state of meditation will appear in your life at its appointed hour. It is simply a matter of not wishing for or desiring something, but living from a state of already having or being that which you desire.

My specialty, and preferred method of visualization, is called Revision. Revision is exactly what the word implies: Imagining something or someone in an ideal state. We do that by changing our own experience of that person or thing internally, in our own imagination. Once you understand that all of reality is a mirror reflecting yourself back to you, you can shift to an entirely new life experience. You will realize that it is only yourself who is changing. As within, so without.

There is no spoon.

Custom Meditation Samples

Revising a Snack Binge:

This was for a woman who wanted to replace her habit of snacking on convenience food with a healthy habit instead. For this meditation, we focused on self love, and used visualization to connect her with the space where she practices yoga.