My name is Miriam Morgan. I am a multi-discipline artist, light worker, mother to three wonderful sons, and a passionate advocate of the use of creative visualization to effect positive change in any area of life.

My teacher and invisible mentor is the late mystic and New Thought pioneer Neville Goddard. Neville taught us that with the creative, loving use of our imaginations, all things are possible. This is the fundamental principle I apply to my life and my work. My goal is to participate lovingly in the ascension process of Planet Earth. We are all destined for great things. I believe that anyone can discover their greatness using these tools, and I’m very excited to see how we all evolve in the coming years.

What is Creative Visualization?

When you enter into a meditative state, your subconscious mind will connect you to a divine source, which lives within you and through you. Most people think of this divine source as God, and we connect with it all the time, throughout every day. Many people do it unconsciously, meaning that they are creating things in their lives that perhaps they don’t want. Sometimes they get what they do want, but it tends to be hit-or-miss. When you use creative visualization, you become conscious of what you are creating in your life, and you begin to understand that “God” is not something “out there” in the universe. God IS you, living through you. Once you understand that, you can direct your vision to change your experience of the physical world — not by accident or default, but on purpose, with loving intent. It’s actually much easier than you might think! The best part is that you can (and should) do this lovingly, without manipulating anyone or impinging on their free will. All you need to do is change your inner movie into one that you feel good in, and your life will fall into place around you naturally. That is a beautiful thing.